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You might've heard "It takes a Village"...


That's where we come in!


Being a mom is a beautiful journey and it's also full of challenges that we were never meant to do on our own. ANYA is dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering space for mamas from all walks of life.


With our "Come as you are" community you will find sisterhood, healing, hope, and inspiration.



More than a Membership

When you join ANYA, you become part of a tribe that doesn't exist anywhere else. You'll receive support with your mental health through your motherhood journey and create connections that will last a lifetime.


This has saved me

It has  helped me realize who I am inside and who I want to be. It's given me the courage to shine my light to the world. And realize that I am important and I need to take care of myself so I can take care of my family.


I've made incredible deep friendships

Looking back, joining has been one of the best decisions of my life. I've learned and grown so much. I know how to set boundaries and prioritize my mental health.


WAY cheaper than finding a therapist

The ANYA resources are a great way to access professional mental health help for WAY cheaper than getting a personal therapist/life coach.


Sneak peek into one of Aubrey's classes!

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Why ANYA is the perfect place for you:

  1. Connecting Hearts: We share experiences, stories, and triumphs with other mamas who understand and can relate. Meaningful connections are made that will last a lifetime.

  2. Expert Advice: Gain access to a wealth of knowledge from experts in the mental health field on our free FB group. We are committed to helping you navigate the wonderful adventure of motherhood.

  3. Events & Activities: Participate in engaging virtual classes, girls nights, meditation nights, and more with mamas like you!

  4. Supportive Environment: We foster a non-judgmental atmosphere, ensuring every mom feels safe to be herself and express her thoughts and feelings freely.

  5. Exclusive Offers: Enjoy special discounts and deals to ANYA events, products, etc.

Come join us and embark on an incredible journey of growth, support, and joy. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected community of mamas, helping each other thrive in the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Welcome ANYA, where we are all in this together!

You are not alone.

If you feel called to this, there is a reason.

Don't ignore that feeling.

Now is the time to invest in yourself because you can't afford not to. 

Our community is unlike anything else out there because we don't believe in having surface level friends.

We believe in deep connection and belonging.

Get ready to meet some of your best friends!

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How It All Started

Aubrey knew after battling through her own depression and anxiety, there needed to be a place where she felt connection and support.

After researching so many different programs out there, she couldn't find what she was looking for so she decided to create it! 

This is a safe place for you to land where you BELONG.

Welcome to our ANYA family. We are so excited to have you here!


Read more about Aubrey HERE.